Where Stars are Made


First Edition of Clear Passion

Our common terms of endearment for Ashton are “big baby” and “gentle giant.” Ashton exudes sweetness. When we open the door to let him out in the morning, he stays back for some love and licks. Ashton’s desire for affection supersedes the urgency of relieving himself. The highlight of his day is a long walk in the park. He is relaxed on his leash and constantly seeks to please us. Ashton has perfect health clearances across the board (not easy to find!), including being ichthyosis clear. He is big-boned and has an absolutely stunning head. If you like “big and blocky,” with a personality that will grab your heart, then a puppy from Ashton is the right choice for you.

  • Date of birth: February 13, 2018

  • Country of origin: Romania

  • Height: 24 inches

  • Weight: 90 pounds

  • Jr Champion of Romania

Where Stars are Made

ASHTON’S SIRE: International Champion Enterpise Oligarchia

ASHTON’S GRANDSIRE: RoJCh, RoCH, SrbCH Moondust Highlander

ASHTON’S GRANDSIRE: International Champion Vestafjell’s Magic Elf